Rio Prieto: Diary of a Web Cam Host

So it will come as no shock to you all that I am new here. And it may seem that I am naturally drifting across the deep waters that is the online webcam world. But what may come to you all as a shock is the turmoil, panic and self deprecating that lurks below the calm still surface, like a predator just sat waiting …,,I sat on my bed hand shaking ready to press that button to open my soul up to Thousands of people on the internet, a fire burning with each deep slow breath! That old familiar voice that we all know far too well;âI donât know what makes you think you can do something like this?! You do know ur a joke especially when compared to the other guysâ That voice stealing away every bit of confidence and strength. Your hand goes to move away from that start chat button , but itâs too late. My web cam light is on

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